Trends In Kitchen Designs

Whether your kitchen needs only a little touch-up to refresh its looks and its functionality or you want to redo your kitchen completely, here are some of the latest trends in kitchen remodel Denver showroom designs that will allow you to create the space that represents you, that will work like a sous chef while you are preparing your gourmet dishes and will serve as the right props while you are entertaining friends.

Bolder Colors or Color Combinations with Accents
While white and grey have been around for a long time and they are likely to be here to stay, bolder colors, such as hues of red, orange, bright green and blue are the latest trends. The bolder colors are present on cabinet doors, on the backsplash, on the flooring as well as on décor elements, such as the curtains. However, strong hues should be used in moderation to avoid creating a space that is too overwhelming, so they are best applied distributed in small portions and contrasted with neutral colors or in the form of two-toned cabinets, with one neutral and one strong color used consistently throughout the kitchen.

A Streamlined Use of Cabinets
Another trendy kitchen design solution is to remove cabinets from the walls and moving all their contents to spacious cabinets placed on the floor to open up the space. The move provides easier access to all the items that were previously placed high up and difficult to access and it may help homeowners sort through their items and declutter their kitchen shelves as well.
If you need more space for your utensils, pots, pans and plates after you get rid of your wall-mounted units, you can have a look at smart cabinet hardware options – they look great and they can maximize cabinet space in a creative way.

Elegant, Functional and Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions
Chandeliers are no longer fixtures used only in dining rooms – they have recently moved to the kitchen as well. These large, usually elaborate fixtures add not only lots of light to the kitchen, but a touch of elegance as well, especially if they are combined with a contrasting furnishing style.
Pendant light and track lighting are also very popular – they are available in lots of different design variations, mini- pendants, multi-light pendants and spotlights being just a few examples.

Mixing and Matching Styles
Just like in the case of using matching colors, matching styles can also create delightful ensembles. Rustic, natural finishes combined with stainless steel or chromed accents or a set of sleek cabinets masterfully combined with bras faucets can look great and make a powerful design statement.

Making the Island Countertop the Focal Point of the Kitchen
A countertop made from an elegant material, such as granite or marble, with a luxuriously shiny finish can create unique light reflections and set the overall style of the entire kitchen. Fortunately, this kind of elegance is available not only with high-end natural materials – laminate and other synthetic materials can perfectly mimic the veins and grains of slabs of natural stone and they offer similar durability, but they cost much less.