There are some simple hacks by which you can make your home surroundings a more comfortable place to stay. Using certain do it yourself techniques, it is possible to customize your homes and make it more enjoyable. Here are some tips and hacks that will help to increase the functionality of your home.

Cramped outdoor space? You can make it look big!!

Your small outdoor plot is an opportunity for you to get creative. Plants always add beauty to the house. If you plan your space well, you can manage to put up a good show. Always divide your courtyard space into two. This will make seem you have a more massive courtyard. A wall or a fence can be used to get the job done. This will also prevent visitors from walking in, directly. Run creepers through your wall or fence. Try to plant a tall wide bush near the wall or fence. This is a simple hack you do to make believe you have a larger space. Try to add a water feature like a birdbath in the middle of your courtyard. Do the planting over the side of the fences, leaving the center space empty. Try to build a vertical garden. Make your racks, or with the help of a wall, fix pots one below the other. Plant blossoms or short shrubs. Don’t plant anything in the center space. Utilize your fence, and the sides well. Fix an ordinarily sized mirror to any of the walls. This will give an illusion that your outdoor area is more prominent. This is a simple hack to have your creative outdoor space.

Furniture Arrangement.

Furniture Arrangement.

Just like how you made your garden, do your interiors also. An important hack to keep in mind while setting your furniture’s would be to arrange the furniture’s to the sides leaving enough space in the center. In the bedrooms, do not place the bed right in the middle. Move it to any side, so that you have sufficient space on the other side. Try to purchase built-in-cupboards. Space is saved this way. Utilize space. Push your bulky furniture like fridge or washing machine to side space.

Wall painting.

Designing your wall with MDF strips will never go out of style. Paint the borders with a darker shade and the in-between with a lighter shade. This adds a significant effect. Sticking wallpapers instead of painting would add a good effect on the walls. Instead of crowding your homes with furniture’s, try to utilize the wall space well. Add shelves, holders, clamps on the wall. All your small articles can go up there. Try to fix your telephone on the wall. This is a simple hack to save space.