led wholesale

There are many reasons to buy wholesale LED lights. One of them is that it is too expensive to purchase hundreds of LED bulbs from Home Depot or hypermarkets. It is better to buy from a wholesale supplier that deals with high volumes of products and can sell large quantities to make a profit. Moreover, wholesale distributors sell these products at only slightly increased prices in order to ensure the satisfaction of returning customers. Therefore, the 10-15% gross profit margin –aimed by wholesale suppliers –makes them more appealing than Wal-Mart or other retailers that increase their prices considerably.

Furthermore, wholesalers offer substantial discounts to customers who place large orders. When a huge order is taken, suppliers save money on shipping and warehouse clearing, which is why they often encourage customers to purchase greater amounts by tempting them with incentives such as further reduction per unit.

Another reason to buy led wholesale lights is pure convenience. Wholesalers are easier to find because they are located in every town across all states of North America. In addition, wholesale distributors do not usually buy from just one manufacturer. They mix products from various sources. This provides the customer with far more choices than those found in a mere retail store.

Purchasing at advantageous prices, enjoying many options, receiving coupon codes along with special reductions (for bulk buys) and easy access in any location are not the only reasons to buy led wholesale lights. These suppliers also provide terrific guidance on the type of light needed for specific lighting applications. The customer is advised on color temperature and glare as soon as he or she requests assistance. Moreover, wholesalers allow the potential buyer to test the lights before making any type of purchase –and, especially, before committing to buying a large amount of products.

Wholesale led distributors offer the best deals at unbeatable costs due to coupons, extra discounts and special promotions. They also ship orders directly from their warehouse within 72 hours. Moreover, they use UPS, FedEx and mail services for both fast and regular shipping.

The optimal reliability of wholesale suppliers can help any customer make further savings if they purchase in bulk. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the only other better option is to buy directly from the manufacturer in order to pay as little as possible. However, this particular alternative does not provide variety or affordable shipping for large quantities.

To sum up, buying more to spend less does make sense on a wholesale basis. In order to avoid extra costs, buying in bulk at a reduced price is definitely the way to go! Nevertheless, purchasing huge amounts must never be done before assessing one’s needs accurately and with the help of a qualified electrician or property manager. Individual homeowners and administrators of commercial buildings should be wise about their purchase in order to make the whole process budget-friendly and, ultimately, save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Buying just for the sake of buying should never be a goal for anyone looking to invest in high-quality lighting.