Austin, TX is a special city located in a special geographical region, between dry desert terrain and humid, green areas with lush vegetation. The resulting climate is a humid subtropical system, with short, warm winters, comfortable springs and falls and long, hot and dry summers, the principle challenge posed for local roofs being the prolonged exposure to heat and strong UV radiation.

When it comes to choosing roofing materials, the building owners in Austin TX are faced with a difficult choice that needs to take into consideration many factors, such as the material’s suitability for the local climate, product prices and installation costs, durability, maintenance needs and aesthetic appeal. The range of the materials currently available on the Texas roofing market is very wide and includes a great option that fares great for all these criteria: composite shingles. Here are some important things to know about these modern roofing systems and how they can stand up to the weather in Austin.

What Are, in fact, Composite Shingles?

Composite shingles are in many ways similar to conventional asphalt shingles, especially in terms of appearance, but their qualities make them a better choice for Texas climate. The material uses a layer of asphalt for a base, a mat made from fiberglass or organic materials soaked in asphalt for a core and a surface layer of ceramic granules for weather protection.

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The Features that Make Composite Shingles Suitable for Buildings in Austin, TX

Composite shingles are highly recommended by Austin roofing companies. Composite shingles have many qualities that make them suitable for being used on roofs in Austin. Here are some:

  • Affordability – composite shingles offer a great price-value ratio. They are slightly more expensive than conventional asphalt shingles, but they make a worthwhile investment;
  • Long lifespan – properly installed, well-kept composite shingle roofs can last for up to half a century without developing severe issues;
  • Installation, maintenance and repair – one of the features that make asphalt shingles so popular all over the nation, not only in the Lone Star State, is the ease of installation and the low maintenance needs of the material. Composite shingles are just as easy to maintain as conventional shingles – apart from regular cleaning, inspections and the repairs deemed necessary based on inspection results, composite roofing systems don’t need any special attention;
  • Resistance to the elements – composite roofs can stand up to strong UV rays (a must-have quality for any roof in Texas), to the exposure to moisture, to wind and hail and the material is also impervious to pests, such as rodents or insects;
  • A lightweight material – the weight of the roofing material is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration especially when choosing the material for lightweight construction. Composite shingles add very little weight of their own, therefore they are perfect for being applied on such buildings;
  • Attractive appearance – composite shingles come in an incredibly wide array of styles and colors, allowing homeowners in Austin to choose the variety that best suits their building style, the applicable building codes and local HOA covenants.