If you drive along any residential street in the US, you will notice that most properties with an attached garage have something in common: roller doors. They are so popular because they offer safety and can be remotely operated. The driver does not have to leave the car to open the garage door – they simply push a button or tap on their smartphone.

Roller Door: One Concept, Many Applications

What is remarkable about roller doors is that they are extremely versatile and offer clients a wide range of choices in terms of:

  • Strength and security level
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Design
  • Method of operation
  • Finish/ texture

Thus, it comes as no surprise that this door model has become the most popular choice for residential, office, commercial and industrial buildings. Roller doors are used, among others, to:

  • Offer easy access to warehouse loading bays
  • Secure shop windows over night
  • Offer store employees quick access to store backrooms to restock shelves.

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The Components of Roller Doors

So, what goes inside a roller door? What makes them work? Here is a quick breakdown I learned from a company that sells garage doors near me about the key parts and components of roller doors:

Lath and Curtain – this is the actual door, consisting of horizontal laths held together through interlocking parts. Together, they form the curtain as a whole.

Roller Assembly – this is a tube made of steel or aluminum. The curtain rolls and unrolls around the roller assembly.

Lock – the roller assembly can be fitted with various locks, depending on the required level of safety. Here are a few examples of locks: central bottom rail lock, side guide bullet lock and ground lock.

Guide Channels – these U-shaped sections are installed vertically on each side of the door, allowing the curtain to slide up and down.

Motor – the motor is located at the top of the door and puts in motion the roller mechanism.

Safety Brake – if the motor fails, the safety brake will keep the door in place, so that it does not drop down.

Canopy – the canopy has both an esthetic and a functional role. It surrounds the components of the door at the top part in order to prevent entrapment.

Benefits of Roller Doors

Roller doors can be installed either during the building process or added at a later date. The only restriction is the available headroom, where the motor and the roller assembly are placed.

At the same time, roller doors offer:

  • Superior security compared to any other door model
  • Fire protection, since they are made of steel; at the same time, roller doors can be treated with fire retardant coatings certified to protect the door from fire for up to four hours
  • Noise reduction and energy efficiency – roller doors can be insulated, so that they preserve the interior temperature and dampen outdoor noises
  • Durability – roller doors have a long lifespan and offer excellent endurance to wear and tear, including severe weather.

Last but not least, roller doors can be easily linked to almost any type of burglary alarm system, adding extra protection to your property.